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Help for patients with Heart Disease

Shortness of breath and functional decline come more frequently in the advanced stage of heart disease. Nausea and fatigue can make life difficult. We can help share the burden of care for your patients and their families

In collaboration with you, our nurse and medical director will aid in relieving shortness of breath, sleeplessness, anxiety, pain, and depression that commonly develop with heart disease. The medical team coordinates medication management with your office and can also help you determine what medical equipment may be beneficial. We’ll also educate patients about their medications, diet and their advanced disease. We can ensure they feel more confident and have a better quality of life by helping them understand and control their symptoms.

A patient may be eligible if they are experiencing:

  • Increasing weakness

  • Fatigue, shortness of breath and /or pain

  • Maximized medication regime is intolerable by patient because of side effects or maximized medication regime is ineffective

  • Symptoms of heart failure

  • Anginal syndrome may be present at rest

  • Discomfort is increased when physically active

  • Ejection fraction of less than 20% (not required)

  • They are already receiving optimal treatment for their disease and are not candidates for further surgical or medical interventions

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