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At BSA Hospice of the Southwest, we focus on improving the quality of life and bringing comfort, peace and even joy to those facing a life-limiting illness.


It is important for you to understand that we connect deeply to what those we care for are experiencing, and approach every relationship with sensitivity, understanding, and a profound sense of empathy born from our own life experiences. We understand what you are feeling, facing, and experiencing. So why is that important? Because it means we’ll give you individualized care, care that not only supports where you are in your healthcare journey, but care tailored to who you are as an individual.


We see the benefits of hospice every day, but we know for you this will be the first time you have experienced hospice as a patient. You have probably heard many things about hospice from friends, family, or even the media. Some may be true and some are far from true. Hospice is probably the most misunderstood philosophy of care available.


In reality, hospice is about quality of life. It is about facing the end of your life on your terms and partnering with a team of caregivers uniquely trained to help you do just that.

We can provide care wherever you choose: at home, in an assisted-living facility, or even in a nursing home. Your choice to remain on hospice is just that, a choice. You can choose to withdraw from hospice care at any time to seek medical treatment that may become available.


Together, we’ll help you regain control and to feel empowered, because each day is about your choice to live fully.

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