Taking care of self

Self-Nurturing Activities

  • Walk in the rain

  • Exercise

  • Keep a journal

  • Play the piano or other instrument

  • Sign up for a yoga class

  • Take a warm bath

  • Have breakfast in bed

  • Take a sauna

  • Get a massage

  • Buy yourself a rose

  • Take a bubble bath

  • Go to a pet store and play with the animals

  • Visit a zoo

  • Have a manicure or pedicure…or both

  • Stop and smell some flowers

  • Watch the sunrise or the sunset

  • Relax with a good book and/or soothing music

  • Rent a funny movie

  • Play your favorite music and dance to it by yourself

  • Go to bed early

  • Sleep outside under the stars

  • Sit outside by the campfire on a cold evening

  • Take a mental health “day off” from work

  • Fix a special dinner just for yourself and eat by candlelight

  • Go for a walk

  • Call a good friend or several…

  • Go out to a fine restaurant by yourself

  • Go to the beach

  • Take a scenic drive

  • Meditate

  • Buy new clothes you can afford

  • Browse in a book or record store as long as you want

  • Buy yourself a stuffed animal and just hold it

  • Buy yourself something special that you can just hold it

  • Buy yourself something special that you can afford

  • Buy a meditation tape

  • Listen to a positive, motivational tape

  • Write a special diary about your accomplishments

  • Apply fragrant lotion

  • Listen to a symphony

  • Plant a garden

  • Find something good in everyone you meet

  • Make a list of your good qualities

  • Hug a child

  • Express appreciation

  • Have a good cry

  • Take 10 deep breaths

  • Take a pottery class

  • Recycle your newspapers and cans

  • Donate blood

  • Look at clouds

  • Open a can of coffee

  • Listen to the rain

  • Make herbal tea

  • Dry flowers

  • Sit by a fire and read

  • Take a nap

  • Fly a kite

  • Go to the zoo

  • Daydream

  • Doodle

  • Read a magazine

  • Bake bread

  • Tell someone you love him or her

  • Call a friend

  • Go to a concert

  • Go into a hot tub or jacuzzi

  • Go to a museum

  • Waste time without feeling guilty

  • Say “no”

  • Look out a window

  • Wear new socks and underwear

  • Have a picnic

  • Swing

  • Turn OFF the TV

  • Go see a good film or show

  • Work on your favorite puzzle

  • Work a crossword puzzle

  • Write a letter to an old friend

  • Bake or cook something special

  • Go window-shopping

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