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Helpful Online Resources for Caregivers

Sometimes, caregivers wonder where to turn for answers and suggestions of support. Hospice Care of the Southwest has assembled a two-page list of resources for caregivers which are available on the Internet.

Note: The following links will take you to other websites. Hospice Care of the Southwest is not responsible for the content of websites outside our own.

A website for caregivers by Author/Speaker, Doug Manning

The Care Community

Caring Connections: A website for those who care. (From the NHPCO)

Caring Connections

Index of articles in Today’s Caregiver online magazine

Today’s Caregiver

Articles from Reader’s Digest

6 Things Caregivers Wished They’d Known Sooner

4 Amazing Caregiving Stories

10 Tips for Caregiving

Articles for Caregivers from Caring Today

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Burdens As Blessings

The Caregivers Guide to Respite Care

USA Today

A Note to Caregivers by Mehmet Oz, MD

National Family Caregivers Association

Resources and Links

RetireGuide Resources

What is Medicare?

A Caregiver's Guide to Medicare

From our friends at Panhandle Area Health Education Center:

Eldercare Locator