Helpful Online Resources for Caregivers

Sometimes, caregivers wonder where to turn for answers and suggestions of support. Hospice Care of the Southwest has assembled a two-page list of resources for caregivers which are available on the Internet.

Note: The following links will take you to other websites. Hospice Care of the Southwest is not responsible for the content of websites outside our own.

A website for caregivers by Author/Speaker, Doug Manning

The Care Community

Caring Connections: A website for those who care. (From the NHPCO)

Caring Connections

Index of articles in Today’s Caregiver online magazine

Today’s Caregiver

Articles from Reader’s Digest

6 Things Caregivers Wished They’d Known Sooner

4 Amazing Caregiving Stories

10 Tips for Caregiving

Articles for Caregivers from Caring Today

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Burdens As Blessings

The Caregivers Guide to Respite Care

USA Today

A Note to Caregivers by Mehmet Oz, MD

National Family Caregivers Association

Resources and Links

RetireGuide Resources

What is Medicare?

A Caregiver's Guide to Medicare

From our friends at Panhandle Area Health Education Center:

Eldercare Locator

National Institute on Aging Information Center

American Parkinson Disease Association

Lotsa Helping Hands

Caregiver Media Group

Family Caregiving 101

National Family Care Association

National Alliance for Caregiving

Parkinson’s Training for Caregivers

Well Spouse Association

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