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Women Supporting Women

New monthly support group helps women grieving the death of a spouse

Cari and Kyle Roach met on a blind date. He sold heating and air conditioning equipment. She was a college student working as part-time teller at a local bank. Kyle’s sister set them up. They hit it off, began dating, and married in 1983.

Kyle was 32. Cari was 21. Eventually they had a daughter, Kyla. The decades passed until, in the early summer of 2010, Kyle was diagnosed with colon cancer. By the time doctors confirmed the disease, it had spread to Kyle’s liver. “We knew it was terminal,” Cari Roach says. “You go through treatment hoping to buy some more time, but …”

Her voice trails away.

Their marriage lasted one more year.

Robert “Kyle” Roach died on June 19, 2011. It was Father’s Day, and he passed away with Cari and Kyla by his side. He was 59.

His death left Cari behind as a 48-year-old widow. The next few months and years were the hardest of her life.

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