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What do volunteers do?

Volunteers do many things. There are opportunities for them to work in the home or facility setting with patients and caregivers. Some volunteers help with administrative duties in the hospice office. Others make phone calls to our bereaved or to the caregivers of our patients.


  • serve as companions to patients

  • help with community outreach

  • assist with administrative tasks

  • furnish baked goods

  • provide caregiver relief

  • run errands

  • give haircuts

  • knit prayer shawls

  • make activity aprons for Alzheimer’s patients

  • make hand cushions for arthritis sufferers

  • help with public relations

  • provide gardening/lawn care

  • help with patient special occasions

  • collaborate on special projects

  • play games with patients

  • provide bereavement support

  • can serve as companions to patients during their final journey

  • add sunshine to someone’s life!

  • Contact us at 806.356.0026 to learn about our next volunteer training opportunity.