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April 16 has been designated National Healthcare Decisions Day!

April 16 has been designated National Healthcare Decisions Day! The National Healthcare Decisions Day Initiative is a collaborative effort of national, state and community organizations committed to ensuring that all adults with decision-making capacity in the United States have the information and opportunity to communicate and document their healthcare decisions. The objectives of NHDD are to provide much-needed information to the public, reduce the number of tragedies that occur when a person’s wishes are unknown, and improve the ability of healthcare facilities and providers to offer informed and thoughtful guidance about advance healthcare planning to their patients.

BSA Hospice of the Southwest, along with over 1,000 other national, state and community organizations, are proud to participate in NHDD which will be celebrated the week of April 16-22, 2017. The theme for this year’s NHDD is “It always seems too early, until it’s too late.” It will be our goal to encourage all hospice employees and volunteers to complete their own advance directive so that we may be better equipped to answer questions and assist patients in completing their advance directive. Please don’t forget that advance directive information is available at:

In collaboration with local healthcare providers, BSA Hospice of the Southwest will be at the following locations along with several others throughout the week. Family Medicine Center on Coulter, Caleb Kim, DO Family Medicine Center and CareXpress on Georgia CareXpress with OccMed on Ross Family Medicine Centers and CareXpress in Canyon Park Central and CareXpress Downtown Family Medicine Center at 34th & Coulter, James D. Hale, MD and CareXpress

For more information please visit our website at or contact Ronnie Atkins, Executive Director or Helen Miller, Helen Miller, CHPN, RN Director of Professional Services.