Pastoral Care Week

October 22nd -28th is Pastoral Care Week and we at BSA Hopsice of the Southwest would like to thank all of our Pastoral caregivers. It’s truly a blessing to have a amazing support system for our patients and their families.

Pastoral Care is a supportive service provided to hospice patients and their families. It meets spiritual needs with the presence of a chaplain to fulfill all systems of faith. The chaplain assists the patients and their families with the transition process, by focusing on the quality of life and comforting them consistently throughout the progression.

The needs of spiritual care are different for each family and can be tailored specifically for them. Some patients and their families may find comfort in the experience of rituals and traditions of organized religion, so it’s important that pastoral care be an available service.

Pastoral Care Services Include:

  • Spiritual support for all patients, family members and caregivers

  • Support for all denominations and faiths

  • Support for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people at the end of life

  • Counseling, prayer and ethical exploration

  • Assistance in planning a memorial service or funeral

BSA Hospice of the Southwest finds it crucial to provide and care for all the needs of the patient and their families. The process of end-of-life is unique to us and the patients, so our goal is to ensure that each situation be handled with the appropriate amount of care.

If you have more questions concerning spiritual care and are exploring whether it’s the right choice for you and your family, please give us a call at (806) 356-0026.

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