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Hospice is a personal choice and should be made when you feel it’s time to focus on comfort rather than a cure. The decision to begin care is determined by you and your family.

Research shows that hospice care works best and is most beneficial to you and your loved one when started early on. In fact, our patients often tell us they wish they chose hospice sooner. There are many benefits hospice can bring that may help you and your loved ones now.

For example, our patients who begin hospice care sooner have the opportunity to make use of our expertise in helping with pain control and symptom management. Also, families caring for a loved one can benefit from the support our hospice caregiving team brings. We can share some of the responsibilities of providing day-to-day care.

Choosing to let us help earlier can increase the quality of time left. Studies have shown that individuals on hospice have actually lived longer. Reducing pain, symptoms, and easing responsibilities will let you and your family focus less on the disease and more on enjoying time together.

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