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Our Story

BSA Hospice of the Southwest is a team of highly skilled, compassionate caregivers trained specifically in pain management and symptom control. By inviting us into your home, wherever home may be, you’re inviting a level of care that many simply do not expect.

We have an entire team in place to serve you. Highly trained doctors, nurses, social workers, aides, volunteers, and chaplains are all focused on giving you and your family the physical and emotional support you need to truly live. At BSA Hospice of the Southwest, the skill and commitment of many combine to create a complete support system for you and your family.


Our Philosophy

BSA Hospice of the Southwest's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients, their families, and our community by providing quality Hospice Care with Compassion and Experience.

Why Choose Us?


Our team has traveled this journey many times with other families and in our own lives. That’s how sensitivity, understanding, and empathy have become an integral part of who we are and how we care for our families. We pledge to honor and support what really matters most to you. Your care will be shaped around your choices. Empowered, your every day can be about living as fully as possible.


We connect on a human level with those we care for. Because we see our loved ones when we look into their eyes, what matters to them matters to us.


Together we can replace fear and anxiety with strength, confidence, and peace.

BSA Hospice of the Southwest honored our trust and exceeded our expectations every step of the journey.

They made my loved one comfortable, treated her with compassion and dignity, and were very loving to the entire family.

The staff at BSA Hospice of the Southwest were nothing but kind, forgiving, and attentive. They are truly saints.

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