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Hospice Admission Criteria

A patient may be admitted to hospice care if they:

  • Are seeking comfort care instead of curative care

  • Have a limited life expectancy if the illness runs its normal course

  • Desire and agree to hospice care

It may be time to refer when a patient has any of the following:

  • Chest pain at rest

  • Shortness of breath

  • Pulse Ox 88% or less on room air

  • Assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing, eating, walking

  • Frequent ER/Hospital visits

  • Multiple calls to Provider's office at all hours

  • Caregiver having difficulty coping

  • Weight loss

  • Multiple wounds, etc.

Examples: Heart, lung, liver or renal disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, debility ALS, AIDS, Cancer, unspecified

Care Settings

We offer a comprehensive range of services that are available to you, wherever you may be:

  • ​Home

  • ​Nursing home

  • ​Assisted living facility

  • ​Hospital

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