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Our Clinical Team

The hospice clinical team works together with the patient and family to devise an individual Plan of Care. The Plan of Care affirms life, offers choices, honors wishes, and empowers the patient and caregiver to choose quality time with loved ones over time spent in healthcare facilities.​​

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Hospice Medical Team

Every patient joins a team which includes a Hospice Physician, Nurse Practitioner and/or Physician Assistant who closely monitors the progression of the patient’s illness, prescribes appropriate medications, and coordinates care with other members of the team. The Hospice Medical Director meets at least every 15 days with the entire team to discuss patient goals and interventions.


RN/Case Managers

Assists the patient and family in navigating the individual end of life journey.  The RN Case Manager works closely with the Hospice Medical Care Providers and other nurses on the team to train caregivers in assessing and managing pain and symptoms. RN Case Managers are skilled at pain and symptom management, focusing on comfort, thus allowing the patient to spend time with loved ones and to engage in activities important to him or her.

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Skilled Nurses

The hospice team includes skilled nurses who assess patient for unmet needs and coordinate with other team members implementing interventions to assist the patient with reaching his or her goals.

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On Call

After hours and on weekends our nursing staff is available 24/7 to answer needs and guide caregivers in meeting the needs of the patient.


Home Health Aides

Our compassionate home health aides follow a plan of care developed by the RN Case Manager.  Responsibilities may include assisting with bathing, hair and nail care, dressing, light meal preparation, light housekeeping, and training caregivers in how to care for the patient as his or her physical mobility declines.


Spiritual Care Team

Our support is offered to caregivers and patients alike. The concept of hospice has always focused on the whole person, recognizing that human beings have rich emotional and spiritual lives and that these aspects play a crucial role in the plan of care for every patient.

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Social Workers

Social workers on our interdisciplinary teams help empower and support patients and their families to enhance or restore psychological, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical health by increasing their ability to cope.

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