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All parents want their children to live long, happy lives. When this is not the case, making decisions about care for a child can be overwhelming. BSA Hospice of the Southwest can help. Our specialized team of caregivers understands that the decision to transition from curative care to comfort care is heartbreaking when it comes to your child. 

At BSA Hospice of the Southwest, our goal is to improve quality of life one day at a time. We want to walk this journey with you, focusing on the least fear and the most joy possible. We can assist with keeping pain managed, while still providing emotional, spiritual, and social support, as well as providing needed resources.


Working with the hospital or healthcare facility and the child's primary physician, our interdisciplinary team offers a wide scope of services, including specific symptom relief, help with financial concerns, explaining medical procedures, and translating complicated medical forms.  ​

Pediatric hospice care targets children from birth to 21 and is used for a range of diagnoses, including cancer, heart conditions, lung diseases, neurological disorders, birth anomalies, and premature birth.

We passionately believe that every moment counts regardless of age. BSA Hospice of the Southwest aims to provide every child suffering from a life-threatening illness access to end-of-life care with dignity and respect. 

BSA Hospice of the Southwest can help by providing:

  • Relief of symptoms, such as pain, nausea/vomiting, shortness of breath, constipation, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping

  • Emotional support for the child, as well as the family

  • Guidance when the decision-making process becomes overwhelming

  • Outside assistance through community resources

  • Spiritual support through encouragement, prayer, hope, a hand to hold, and a shoulder to lean on

Our Medical Directors and experienced nursing staff help physicians determine when and how their patients may benefit from our care. Our interdisciplinary team works with parents to address the physical and emotional symptoms that develop as their child's illness progresses. 

We will work directly with you to help provide effective management of your child's symptoms. Our nursing staff will also coordinate medication management, equipment needs, and instructions regarding the child's day-to-day care. 

Our comprehensive services ensure children and families feel more confident and have a better quality of life. To schedule a consultation, Call 806-356-0026 or toll-free 866-654-2941.

We Proudly Support:

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