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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is an important part of our team approach to caring for anyone with a life-limiting illness. Our support is offered to caregivers and patients alike. The concept of hospice has always focused on the whole person, recognizing that human beings have rich emotional and spiritual lives and that these aspects play a crucial role in the plan of care for every patient.


Respect for All Beliefs

Our Spiritual Care providers/Chaplains, do not promote any particular faith or denomination. Our Chaplains use a non-judgmental approach and offer their supportive presence, regardless of a patient’s creed, beliefs, or absence of a spiritual orientation. They will strive to strengthen existing relationships a patient may have with a faith community, congregation, or minister. Spiritual care visits may include exploring with patients and their loved ones how to best serve their unique spiritual needs.

Primarily, a Spiritual Care provider/Chaplain provides a listening ear and affirming presence, allowing patients and their caregivers to express their thoughts and feelings honestly in a safe environment. Our goal is to help nurture the patient’s own faith through regular and as-requested spiritual care visits wherever the patient resides.


Specific to the patient’s preferences or needs, visits can include prayer, readings from Scripture or other writings, sacraments, music, or other things the patient requests. Chaplains can also be a sounding board about end-of-life issues, including family dynamics, funeral planning, and grief support.

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