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Pet Loss Support

Lap of Love

"Any veterinarian who chooses to dedicate his or her life to the practice of veterinary hospice and euthanasia is incredibly special. This may not be an easy role to play in our society, but we all respond the same way when asked why we do this: because pets are family, and this is an honor. At Lap of Love, our nationwide network of doctors is in constant communication with each other. Not only are we continually discussing new medical protocols for achieving the best possible outcomes (whatever that may be) for our patients, but we are also the industry leaders in this new and evolving field of veterinary medicine. Plus, we're animals lovers, too—we've dedicated our lives to helping the creatures we share this planet with. And yes, we know what it feels like to lose a family member… grief is grief, no matter what species it is!"

Lap of Love offers a 6-week grief course held weekly via Zoom, and individual support sessions, (both for a fee) or a free weekly pet loss support group held virtually via Zoom.

Rainbow Bridge

"We at Rainbow Bridge take the death of a pet very seriously. You are not alone with your grief. You will share a bond with those who have also lost a loved pet.

Though we can not bring back our loved ones, we do have comfort in knowing they are waiting for us to join them once again at Rainbow Bridge."

The Rainbow Bridge has grieving support info, a pet loss chat room and hotline, tips for helping children through the grief of losing a pet, and so much more.

Texas Pet Loss Resources

The Texas Pet Loss Resources page offers a list of hotlines, support groups, counselors, in-home euthanasia/hospice car, as well as pet cemeteries and crematories.


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